Natural Latex Mattresses

Guaranteed 100% all natural latex with organic covers, natural wool, and chemical-free.

Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Series

Latex Int. certified 100% natural latex with organic covers and natural wool. Exchangeable comfort layers allow for easy firmness swapping.

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Natural Latex Mattress Pour

100% Natural Latex Mattresses

With the growing demand for green products and the lack of authentic 100% natural latex mattresses, we've decided to step in. Brooklyn Bedding strives to be transparent and honest about what we use in our products. Our latex is 100% all natural - this includes both talalay and dunlop latex in the mattress. We use a natural latex comfort layer and natural latex core along with organic cotton covers, natural U.S. wool, and a 20 year guarantee to back it up! No petro-chemical based products, just natural goodness.

Environmentally Conscious

Our latex is processed with natural, biodegradeable ingredients from renewable resources and water-based raw materials. You can rest easy knowing only nature's best is used when making our natural mattresses. Additionally, all of our beds are Oeko-Tex Certified - the leading global testing and certification standard in the industry! This guarantees that our latex is genuine 100% natural latex and does not contain allergenic materials, pesticides, chlorinated penoles, heavy metals, or formaldehyde.