Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation


A simple and intuitive box foundation perfect for replacing box springs. 1 year warranty included.

The center support needs to run vertically (head to foot) and can not be warrantied if the support runs horizontally (side by side).



An easy-to-remove zip off cover looks and feels like a box spring with the added benefit of easy set up and moving.


The Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation delivers crucial center support for all types of mattresses.

Easy assembly

A sturdy, tri-fold construction and makes set up a snap.

Brooklyn Bedding

Industry Reviews

"Owning their own factory gives Brooklyn Bedding extraordinary control over their materials, cost, and assembly specifications."


"[Brooklyn Bedding offers] high-quality product sold at extremely competitive prices. Their direct-to-consumer business is reflected in the brand's ability to pass savings along to their customers."

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"There’s no doubt with Brooklyn Bedding that the designers and manufacturers are mattress experts and knew very well how to make a quality product."

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Asked Questions

Our foundations vary in height depending on the type of foundation. Below are the heights and available clearance space for each of our foundations.

Foundation (storage space beneath foundation)
Electric Adjustable Base approx. 10” 12”
Heavy Duty High Rise Platform approx. 12” 13.5”
Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation n/a 6.5”
No, we do not currently sell the Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation with a frame. This will need to be purchased separately.
The Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation is designed with both vertical and horizontal slats that provide all the needed support. Its design does not require any additional support for your mattress.
The easy zip-off cover for the Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation is available in a combination grey and white as pictured. We currently do not offer the cover in any other colors.