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A company committed to making better bedding with complete transparency, affordable pricing, and top-class customer service. We're customers too, so we understand the pitfalls in most businesses and work every single day to improve ourselves, our products, and our customer relationships. When you buy one of our products, we're with you every step of the way to ensure you get the #BestSleepEver.

Our building in Phoenix, AZ

Brooklyn Bedding, LLC

A family-owned company founded in 1995 by two brothers aiming to sell great mattress products for less.

Based in:Phoenix, AZ
Factory:145,000 sq ft

Our Story


The Very Beginning

Rob Merwin discovered an opportunity to sell mattresses with minor defects & blemishes. He decided open a mattress liquidation store, R&S Mattress, and sold brand name mattresses up to 75% off. During this time, he also noticed an excess of materials in his inventory and started making his mattresses.


A Name is Born

John Merwin, the brother of Rob, joined the crew and encouraged Rob to focus more on making their brand. Since it was John's idea, they decided to name it after one of John's daughters, Kayli or Brooklyn. Kayli wasn't too happy her sister's name was selected, so John made a deal to name mattresses after her and some friends; She's no longer upset.


Always Listen To Your Wife

John Merwin's wife suggested they sell mattresses online. John was very hesitant, "Who is going to buy a mattress without trying it," but his wife convinced him. The Merwin's took the leap and started selling mattresses on Amazon. The idea was wildly successful, and John started pouring more funds into the online side of the business.



Brooklyn Bedding bought their first roll packing machine and started shipping mattresses for free via FedEx in smaller 15x15x45 boxes. This was the turning point to their internet operations and made shipping much faster & affordable. Today, Brooklyn ships over 1,000 roll-packed mattresses a day.


A New Website

The Merwin's decided it was time to open a Brooklyn Bedding website and sell direct. They could offer better deals by avoiding higher costs associated with other merchant sites. The website had 12 different mattresses ranging from Foam, Memory Foam, and Latex. This idea was great, but there had to be a more simple way to sell mattresses without confusing customers.

2017 Current

New Warehouse & Business Model

Brooklyn Bedding purchased a new 145,000 square foot facility and redesigned their online business model to revolve around one mattress. There were a few companies with the "one-mattress-fits-all" idea already, but BB took it to the next level. To build a mattress that works for everyone, not just the average person.

#BestMattressEver was born and designed with three comfort level options; Soft, Medium, Firm - A mattress designed for everyone. BB didn't stop there, their new mattress needed friends; #BestPillowEver & #BestSheetsEver. Together, they form the TRIO of bedding products that Brooklyn Bedding strongly believes will help you sleep better and without breaking the bank.

Our Team

  • John Merwin

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Chuck Madler


  • Mario Sevilla

    Sales Manager

  • Jacob Mathias

    Web Developer

  • Nat Holfeltz

    Business Development

  • Ana Velazquez

    Retail Sales

  • Keaton Allred

    Sales Consultant

  • Lonnie Corder


  • Casey Maldonado


  • Albert Guiterrez

    Factory Operations

  • Raul Garcia


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