2016’s Best Mattress with Comfort Options (Choices)

By Chad Taylor on July 21, 2016

You sleep on your back. You sleep on your stomach. You sleep with a partner. You just plain prefer a soft mattress – or a firm one. What bed is going to work for you? Mattressis.com says when you want a choice, our choice in 2016 for this category,is Brooklyn Bedding. We think it’s the best mattress made that combines personal comfort with a quality mattress. When you buy your Brooklyn bed, you get a choice. Have them deliver a soft, a medium or a firm.The choice is yours and Brooklyn Bedding caters to your choice by using Latex Foam with different comfort levels. Some companies make a bed firmer by removing foam from the comfort levels – not Brooklyn Bedding. You always get the full 4” of Latex Foam in two 2” layers designed to give you the comfort feel you like best.

1. Soft: The soft Brooklyn bed is preferred by many sleepers who sleep on their side or back. A softer mattress cushions the pressure points – especially the shoulder and hips. A recent study showed that participants with back pain actually got relief from a soft or medium mattress so don’t think you have to buy firm if you have some back pain. If you like that soft feel, Brooklyn Bedding is one of the very few Internet mattress dealers that has one. And, their mattress has 4” of natural, breathable Latex Foam. That’s hard to beat!

2. Medium: Medium is the most popular comfort feel – and it’s the only one that many online mattress companies offer. A medium mattress is not only a preference with many; it’s the best comfort level for partners with different sleeping positions. Why choose the Brooklyn medium? It’s that Latex Foam! It sleeps cool. It gives good full-body support in any sleeping position and it has bounce for bedroom fun with your partner. We think Brooklyn Bedding not only gives you a choice – they give you one of the very best medium mattresses you can find.

3. Firm: A firm mattress helps keep your spine in a neutral position. It keeps your body straighter and your bones bear most of your body weight. This allows your muscles to relax. Your circulation system is under less pressure; your airways are more open. You may sleep better since you’re getting more oxygen and better circulation. Or, you may just like the way a firm mattress feels. If firm is your choice — Brooklyn Bedding has it!

When you buy a Brooklyn bed you have 120 days to sleep on it. Be sure to give it at least 30 days so your body can adjust to whichever comfort level you feel. Picked the wrong one? Don’t stress. Anytime within those 120 days you can return your Brooklyn bed. If you want a different comfort level, that’s great. If you want a refund, they’ll do that too. In short, Brooklyn gives you a choice and a chance to change your mind. What could be better? They’re out pick for the best mattress in your choice of comfort levels. All that’s left is to decide which one is best for you!