4 Things Consumer Reports Said About Mattress Buying

By Chad Taylor on April 24, 2017

Should you – should you not? Is it time to replace your mattress? Here are 4 things Consumer Reports had to say about buying a new mattress.

1. Is it Time? Consumer Reports say “learn lessons from your old bed”. If you have to search for your mattresses “sweet spot” that may be telling you the time has come. Ditto if you wake up day after day without feeling rested. Maybe, you’ve even found you sleep better in a hotel. All signs for a change according to the magazine. They also cautioned that if you and your partner disturb each other during the night to look for a mattress that is rated to block motion transfer. Finally, check the mattress for stains and rips and see if your heavier body parts — hips and shoulders — sink too deeply into the mattress. Their recommendation? Replace very 8 to 10 years.

2. Online May Be an Answer for that New Mattress. Consumer Reports calls buying online “the ultimate convenience”. The magazine stresses that there are lots of options and even say to consider Amazon, where all types of mattresses are sold. They laud Amazon for being “excellent on price as well as on-time delivery”. They even call watching the compressed mattresses that come in a box “fun” as they decompress and turn into a real mattress.

3. The Trial Period is Important. You want to make full use of the time you have to try out your new mattress! Some hints from Consumer Reports are to try the new mattress for at least two weeks (many mattress makers require trial periods of 30 days or more before they’ll accept the return). You want to give the mattress a fair trial. The magazine recommends that you use the same pillow you’ve been using since a change in the pillow may confuse you. You might not be sure which one is great and which one is hampering your good night’s sleep — the mattress or the pillow. Also, put the mattress on a new box spring or frame as recommended by the manufacturer so you give it a fair trial.

4. Know about Returns – and recycling. You want to know this one before you buy. What kind of trial period do you have and if you’re not happy with the mattress, what are your options. Some stores don’t take returns. Some charge for an exchange or return. Most of the online mattress retailers give you a break. They know you can’t try out that new mattress until it’s in your home so they give you a long trial period – as long as 120 days – to try the mattress. Most will then pick the mattress up, donate or recycle it and give you a full refund if you aren’t happy. If you can, recycle or donate your old mattress, too. They take up a lot of landfill space – up to 40 cubic feet.

If you know it’s time to replace your old mattress, do your research. If you decide to buy online, ready customer reviews, check out the trial period and know the company’s return policy. Check out the latex foam mattresses that are recommended by many sleep experts. If it all looks good, stand back and watch when your new mattress is freed from the box and takes shape right before your eyes.