5 Different Pillows and Fact to Help You Choose

By Chad Taylor on April 27, 2017

Your mattress is the most important feature of your bed, but your pillow counts, too. Here are 5 different types of pillows and some information to help you decide which one might be the one for you.

1. Down and Feather Pillows: You may have bought a feather comforter and thought of its fill power as a sign of how warm it would keep you. With a pillow, the higher the fill power number, the longer the pillow will retain its firmness. Down is soft and fluffy and comes form the undercoat of geese or ducks. It tends to be a soft pillow that flattens rather easily. Stomach sleepers usually like the way the pillow almost becomes part of the mattress. Feathers have quills and they can poke you unless they are encased in a very high quality fabric, but they are usually both firmer and less expensive. Both are washable by hand or on a hand wash or delicate setting on your washer. Dry them on low or the air dry setting with a tennis ball or two to fluff them back up.

2. Down Alternative: The polyester microbeads in these pillows have the soft feel of down but with no worries about allergies to the down or feathers. You’ll have to find that brand that offers the firmness and height you want. You can get them firmer for back sleepers or softer for stomach sleepers. Wash according to the instructions on the pillow or follow the above instructions for down pillows.

3. Memory Foam: Just like a memory foam mattress these pillow conform to the shape of your head and cradle it. It bounces back slowly when you change positions, but overall the pillow will maintain its loft. The pillow may be flat or contoured. If you choose firm, it will be heavier. Memory foam tends to sleep hot so if you want a cool pillow, memory foam isn’t for you. However, they are great for side sleepers as they help maintain spinal alignment. Cleaning? Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent and sponge away any spots or stains.

4. Latex Foam: Like the memory foam pillow, latex foam is supportive. However, since it is a natural product it sleeps cooler. Latex is antimicrobial and mildewproof. Those are big pluses! Latex may have an odor when first opened, but it will dissipate so don’t worry. Choose your firmness and loft. Latex is good for back sleeper and side sleepers. Again, not washable so plan on spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

5. Polyester: You have choices! Polyester pillows are hypoallergenic and come in a range of densities, but tend to be a bit on the soft side. If yours develops a flat or hollow spot, you can fluff it back into shape. Tossing it in the dryer (no heat) will also return it to the correct shape. You can “smush” these pillows for sleepers who like the ball up a pillow to the shape they want. They are easy-care, machine wash and dry – just use a gentle cycle and low heat in the dryer.

Maybe, you know you like your pillow but you’re pretty sure that it’s your mattress that’s keeping you uncomfortable and wakeful during the night. Worried about the cost of a new mattress? Turn on that computer! You’re going to find great choices at mattress sites or on Amazon. You can find a supportive Latex mattress – recommended by sleep experts – at very affordable prices and with a long trial period so you can be sure it is right for you. Best of all, the new mattress will be delivered to your door. You’ll enjoy your pillow and your mattress!