5 (GOOD!) Reasons to Sleep in the Nude

You’re tempted – or you already do. Put that nightgown back in the drawer. Forget the t-shirt and boxers. Here are 5 good reasons to sleep in nothing at all! No excuses! Sleeping in the nude is good for you whether you’re going to cuddle up with your partner or elderly and sleeping alone. Here are 5 reasons to go to bed naked!

  1. Sleep deeper and longer. Faulty regulation by your body of its temperature and an inability to cool down at night may cause you to sleep less deeply and wake up sooner. A Dutch study showed that lowering your skin temperature without affecting core body temperatures lead to an increase in deep sleep (stages 3 and 4) and fewer wake-ups during the night. For the elderly, lowering skin temperature by just .4 C caused a decline in early morning waking from .58 to .04. Your naked skin is probably going to be cooler skin.
  2. Boost your natural anti-aging hormone. The natural cooling of your body while you sleep produces melatonin and growth hormone. The melatonin triggers the cool-down in your body that releases the human growth hormone – the youthful, restorative hormone. HGH help repair tissue, build muscle and increase bone density.
  3. You’re healthier. Sleeping in the nude so you are cooler and your body can release melatonin and human growth hormone makes a healthier you! If you sleep longer, you decrease the production of cortisol and hunger hormones; they rise when you have insufficient sleep and can lead to weight gain which can lead to type II diabetes and heart disease.
  4. Feel good with more feel-good hormone. Skin to skin touching releases oxytocin, the hormone that reduces stress and depression. So, both you and your partner need to be naked. And, if it leads to more touching and more, well, you know, that’s good too. Orgasms are one of nature’s best sleep aids.
  5. Less laundry and more self-esteem. What woman could ask for more? Sleeping in the nude helps a person feel comfortable with their body and that makes you more confident. Being more confident makes you more attractive so this is a definite win-win. Plus, you really will have less laundry when there’s no PJs or nightgowns.

What you sleep on is just as important as what you don’t sleep in. Today’s mattresses offer you better full-body support and more comfort than ever. If your mattress is sagging or failing to keep you comfortable, think about a new latex mattress – you can even have one delivered to your door.

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