5 Reasons to Buy a New Mattress and Adjustable Bed Frame

By Chad Taylor on April 4, 2017

Take your sleep to another level. When you go shopping for a new mattress – shop for a new way to sleep with an adjustable bedframe. A supportive, new mattress can help you get a restful night’s rest and an adjustable bedframe can help you overcome health problems so you wake up with less pain and ready for a great new day. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider both a new mattress and a new adjustable bedframe.

1. A Great Mattress! Adjustable bedframes work with two of the most highly rated mattresses. You can choose Memory Foam or Latex Foam. Memory Foam gets the highest marks of any mattress from its owners. Or, you can choose Latex Foam which sleeps cooler and gives you a little bounce along with full body support. Try them both in your mattress store and pick the one that feels exactly right for you.

2. Reduce Back Pain. An adjustable bed lets you adjust your position to help keep your spine aligned and to reduce pressure. For example, if you suffer from lower back pain sleeping in a slightly inclined position with support under your knees may reduce pressure and morning aches and pains. Your new adjustable bed makes that sleeping position possible. You can even ask your doctor what sleeping position he or she recommends and then create it with your new adjustable bed.

3. Reduce Snoring and Help Sleep Apnea. Snoring is caused by air being blocked between your mouth or nose and your lungs. This blockage makes the tissue vibrate and that makes the noise – sometimes a very loud noise. Gravity works with the weight of your neck to create the blockage – especially when you are lying down. By being able to raise your head with an adjustable bed can help keep airways open and let both you and your partner get a better night’s rest. If you have obstructive sleep apnea an adjustable bed will help – although it can’t cure – the problem. If you have sleep apnea or think you do, you should talk to your physician as it is a medical condition. One of the doctor’s recommendations just might be an adjustable bed.

4. Improve Digestion. You know you shouldn’t go to bed with a full stomach, but, chances are, you’ve eaten something. Lying flat makes it harder for your body to digest that food and easier for you to experience acid reflux. Raising your head 6 inches with your adjustable bed will help your body digestion process and help you get a better night’s sleep.

5. Reduce Swelling. You may be on your feet all day and come home with swollen lower legs and feet. You may have a sprain or other injury. Or, swelling could occur because of a health problem. Raising your feet and legs will help reduce swelling. If you’ve ever tried to stack up pillows or use a cushion, you know you are likely to wake up with your feet and legs no longer raised. An adjustable bedframe makes this keeping your feet and legs raised simple. And, those raised legs can even help combat varicose veins.

When you visit your local mattress shop, ask the sleep professional about an adjustable bedframe. Try one out. Then, spend the time – about 15 minutes – stretched out on a mattress that will work with that frame. Take home the new mattress that’s right for you and the new adjustable bedframe and find out how soundly you can sleep!