5 Spring and Summer Cleaning Tips for the Bedroom

Spring and Summer Cleaning Tips for the Bedroom

Hot summer nights are just around the corner. If you didn’t include your bedroom on the spring cleaning list, here are 5 things to do to get your bedroom ready for spring and summer.

1. There’s Something Living in your Bed. Dust mites can’t be seen, but they’re there. Dust mites are microscopic arthropods. They’re in the same family as fleas and ticks, but they don’t bite people. They munch on the dead skin cells you shed. Dust mites love your pillow and they love your bed. If you have allergies, these unseen critters could be part of the cause. So, start with your pillows. If they’re not washable, either vacuum the pillow or place the pillow on air fluff in the dryer for about 20 minutes. Spot clean any stains. If the pillow is washable, follow the instructions that were included. Dry with rubber or wool dryer balls to fluff the pillow back up. Remove the mattress protector and wash it according to instructions.

2. Change your Sheets and Blankets. It’s going to get hot so now is the time to replace your sheets and blankets with bedding made of 100% cotton or bamboo. These are natural, breathable fabrics that are going to help wick away moisture and keep you cool. Synthetic fabrics tend to sleep hotter so go with natural fibers. If you need a blanket, go with a lighter weight and, again, stick to a natural material like 100% cotton.

3. The Sun is Coming Up – Earlier! And, it’s going down later. Depending on your sleep schedule, you may be awakened too early by morning light or finding the fading – but still too strong – light keeping you awake when you know you need to be asleep. Be ready. Get blackout window coverings so you can be the one controlling the light and you can fall asleep and wake up on your schedule – not the schedule of the sun.

4. Control the Temperature. It is a scientific fact that people sleep better when the room is cooler – somewhere in the range of mid 60’s to 72 degrees. That may be a stretch if you live in a very warm climate and don’t want to run the A/C constantly. So, set the thermostat as low as you think your utility bill can stand and then help the A/C out with sensible actions. Consider a ceiling fan to keep air circulating and keep window coverings closed by day to reduce the amount of heat in the room. You may want to add an electric fan well-placed to create a cooling breeze – it will not only circulate air; it will provide white noise that could help you sleep.

5. Embrace the Season. Bring a bit of summer into your bedroom. House plants and flowers are not only pretty – they’re relaxing by nature. So, celebrate the season by adding some of your favorites to your bedroom.

Does your bed create its own heat island? If it does and you think that’s interfering with your sleep – or if it’s just aged to the point of being uncomfortable, you might want to try a latex mattress. It’s naturally cool and wonderfully supportive. Latex is a favorite of sleep experts! Afraid you can’t afford one? Shop on the Internet! You’re going to find that you get a great mattress and more! You’ll get a long trial – as long as 120 days – and a full refund if you’re not happy. Plus, the mattress will be delivered right to your door. So, get your bedroom ready for summer. Sleep cool! Sleep well!

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