5 Things Your Dreams are Saying About You

Things Your Dreams are Saying About You

Are you creative? Political? Reader’s Digest says your dreams may give you a clue about who you are. Here are 5 things your dreams may be saying about you.

1. Are You Creative? Do you dream about the usual places in your life – your home, your workplace? Or, are your dreams more likely to take place in an unusual setting? If you are creative, you probably aren’t dreaming of the same old places like your home. You’re off to exotic new worlds. And, when you face an obstacle in your dreams, a creative person is more likely to be blocked by a natural object like a boulder or a log that is stopping their progress.

2. Are You Conservative? If you’re conservative, it’s more likely that your dreams are more mundane. They are realistic and, maybe, include everyday things and events. Bizarre dreams? Liberals have more of them. So, what’s the take-away? Probably, it depends on your political beliefs! You can regard those liberals as living in a fantasy world. Or, you can believe you’re an open-minded liberal and it’s reflected in your dream life.

3. Is There Something You’re Avoiding? Do you have an issue with another person that you don’t want to face? Are you feeling something deep inside that you don’t want to examine closely? Is there a problem that you’re just not ready to face? If you’re running away from that terrible stranger in your dreams, have a monster chasing you or are trying to outrun a tidal wave, it could be a sign that there is something you just aren’t ready to face and are avoiding.

4. Can You Quit Smoking? If you’re a smoker who is trying to quit, your dreams may give a clue as to your possible success. If you dream about smoking and then experience dream-guilt about taking that puff, you are actually more likely to succeed. Could it be that the guilt you feel in your dream gives you more strength to keep on the non-smoking path?

5. Are you a Type A? You know what a Type A is – that on-the-go, intense workaholic. It shows up in dreams. Laid back people are less likely to have disturbing dreams. They may carry their natural calm into their dreamlife. On the other hand, those Type A workaholics are more like to have disturbing dreams. The pressure they put on themselves and the stress that feel may be making a nighttime appearance.

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