5 Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress for a Child

Vintage photo of kids room with dolls and pillows on bed and bed

It’s a statistic that’s a bit shocking. Something like 70% of old mattresses are given away to family and friends. Do you have one from your mother, your aunt, your grandmother that’s gracing a guest room bed? Unless we sleep on it ourselves, we may not give much attention to a mattress. So, when the time comes, how do you choose a mattress for your child? Here are 5 considerations.

1. What’s inside? Some mattresses are made with questionable insides. Find out about what materials are in the mattress and how the mattress is made. You’ll find that there are more organic mattresses available along with mattresses made of Latex, a natural, breathable, sustainable material.

2. Think about a growing child. Most likely the mattress will come with a 10 year warranty and is likely to still be in use even longer than that. It’s going to stick around – probably into the teenage years. Don’t skimp on size. Skip the little child’s bed with the crib size mattress. You can get bed rails for a twin if you’re worried about your child rolling out of bed. A tall family? Why not start out with twin XL if you know your child is likely to grow into that length. And, there’s nothing wrong with buying a full or queen size.

3. New or used? No question here. Used mattresses may bring bacteria, mold, mites, bed bugs and even bodily fluids along with them. Don’t take a chance – go new.

4. Ask your child how it feels. This one isn’t easy. He or she may be more interested in jumping on the bed than stretching out on it, but if you involve your child in this grownup process, he or she is likely to want to join in. After all, it’s fun to be part of an adult decision. So, have your child lay down in several different positions. Then, ask how the mattress feels — you’ll get an honest opinion.

5. What price? This is your child – nothing but the best? Not really, you’re going to find a good selection of quality mattresses at value prices. One place to look is on the Internet – a great place to find a natural Latex mattress and a price that is very affordable.

Parents often fall into one of two camps. The first thinks that since a child is so light a good mattress isn’t needed so they shop only by price. The next camp thinks this is their baby and are actually likely to overbuy, ending up with expensive features and covers that really aren’t needed or, in the case of a silk cover, practical. Shop, read reviews and look for customer recommendations – those stars mean real people are telling you about the mattress. Don’t be afraid to buy on the Internet – you’re going to find that you’ll have as many as 120 days to test the mattress or return it for a full refund. Your baby may be little now, but before you blink there will be a teenager sleeping in that bed.

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