5 Ways to Become a Morning Person

Ways to Become a Morning Person

Laura Vanderkan, the writer of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, cuts to the heart of the matter. It’s much more practical to be a morning person – and, research says you’ll be more productive. But, how? Time magazine outlined some ideas to help you add mornings to your schedule.

1. Sleep Inertia –is good in the middle of the night, but not so great in the morning. Sleep inertia is that physiological state that helps you fall back asleep when a visit to the bathroom or a strange noise interrupts your sleep. Unfortunately, it’s there in the morning, too. Fight back. One sleep expert suggests stretching, drinking water or taking a shower as soon as the alarm sounds its first beep. Don’t let that sleep inertia lure you back to sleep.

2. Exercise –in the morning. Some of the things that morning larks claim are true. Like you’re more likely to make your exercise a regular – don’t miss – part of your day if you exercise in the morning. Plus, it wakes you up and gets you moving. Another step towards both better health and converting yourself into a morning person.

3. Light – up your morning. It’s light that sets the circadian rhythm so use it to your advantage. Make your exercise a morning jog. Not your thing? How about strolling through your garden with a cup of coffee in hand? Sleep experts say that morning light is probably the most important thing you can do to send your body a wake up and enjoy the day message. So, get up and get out.

4. Bribes – work. You don’t want to get up and run or even take a walk in the backyard. So, what would you like? Is it stopping for breakfast at your favorite café or an indulgent latte? Give yourself a reward for jumping out of bed and getting going. Maybe, meet one of those early bird friends at that café.

5. Enjoy – the morning even if you didn’t think it was your thing. Don’t start your day with hustle and bustle. Give yourself a little morning time to do something you enjoy. Start the crossword puzzle in the local paper? Meet a friend for coffee? Enjoy some quiet time with a good cup of coffee in the park that’s on the way to work? Write in your journal? Find something you like to do and give yourself the morning time to enjoy it before the day gets underway.

Another great way to become a morning person is to get a good night’s sleep. Follow the rules. Turn off all your screens. Make your bedroom a haven for sleep and make sure that you have a good, supportive mattress. You can afford one of the best mattresses around – a latex foam mattress. Just go shopping online and you’re going to find prices that make a good night’s rest a bargain. Your mattress will be delivered to your door. Sleep on it for at least 30 days and up to 120 days. If it’s not perfect, return it. Now, that should give you the confidence to make every morning the start of a great new day.

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