6 Sleeping Position Men Use and What They Mean

By Chad Taylor on February 1, 2016

Is your man a Yearner or a Log? Here are 6 ways men sleep and what it says about them and their health.

6 Sleeping Position Men Use and What They Mean

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, studied a thousand men while they were sleeping. His conclusions were that how men slept said something about their personality and might impact their health.

  • The Yearner. This man sleeps on his side with both arms out in front as if he were trying to grasp something, but they’re not looking for something. They are open to new things although they can be cynical or suspicious. They’ll take their time deciding what choice to make but once they do, they stick with it and don’t have regrets. Health wise sleeping on the side can lessen problems with acid reflux and sleep apnea.
  • The Soldier. He’s “standing” at attention in his sleep. Sound asleep on his back with his arms by his sides. You may find this guy to be reserved and quiet. He’s not going to make a big deal out of things, but he will set high standards for both himself and, maybe, you. Plus, it’s not a great way to sleep as back sleepers may snore more and have more difficulty breathing leading to a bad night’s rest. Try flipping him over to his side.
  • The Starfish. Another back sleeper inviting more snoring and more breathing difficulties, but, personality wise he’s a great guy. Count on a Starfish – a man who sleeps on his back with both arms up over this head – to be a good listener and a great friend.
  • The Log. He’s on his side with his arms down by his sides. He sociable and he’s easy going, but he’s so trusting others may take advantage of him. However, he’s chosen a good sleeping position as it may be beneficial for back pain.
  • The Freefall. This man is on his stomach with his hands up and around the pillow and his head turned to one side. You think he’d be able to take it because he’s nervy, extroverted – even brash, but, watch out, he’s thin-skinned and will take your criticism personally.
  • The Fetus. This is the most common sleeping position with over 40% of the tested men sleeping this way. The man is curled up on his side and he may be tough on the outside, but he’s really a softy. It may take him some time to warm up to others, but, then, he’s very relaxed.

No matter how your man sleeps if you’re sharing that bed, you don’t want his tossing and turning to keep you awake. And, you want both of you to have the support to wake up rested and the bounce to enjoy other bedtime activities. If your old mattress is keeping both of you from resting well, think about a latex mattress that will give you both bounce and support – and does a great job of stopping transfer motion!