6 Strange Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep

By Chad Taylor on February 25, 2016

You take a hot bath. You drink some warm milk. You count sheep. And, you’re still awake. Here are some 6 things that may seem counterintuitive but may help you drift off to slumber land.

6 Strange Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep

These may not all sound like they would help but they come from the experts – sleep experts, anxiety experts and psychotherapists. So, the next time you’re staring at the ceiling, you might want to give one a try.

  1. Use your left nostril. It’s a yoga trick. Breathing through just your left nostril is thought to reduce blood pressure and to help calm you. So, get comfortable on your left side and rest a finger on your right nostril to close it. Do slow, deep breathing – but just through that open left nostril. A holistic sleep therapist says this is especially helpful if you’re overheated of having a menopausal hot flash.
  2. Rewind. It was a long, boring day so why would you want to relive it? A sleep help author says that reliving all the mundane happenings of the day – in reverse order – will help you reach a mental state that’s ready to nod off. So recall those conversations, the sights and the sounds of the day for a good night – might work.
  3. Hum. Another yoga trick that calms. Get out of bed. Sit in a chair with your eyes closed, your shoulders dropped, your jaw relaxed and your mouth gently closed. Now breath in through your nose and out through those closed lips. It will have you humming, literally, and vibrate your chest. Focus on the vibrations for 6 breaths and then sit quietly. Tell yourself you’re ready to sleep and hop under the covers.
  4. Roll your eyes. Teenagers should be good at this one. A sleep author recommends you roll your eyes back three times while your eyes are closed. It mimics what your eyes do when you are falling asleep and may help trigger the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  5. Worry. But, do it before you go to bed. Many lay awake because they are thinking of everything that’s a problem or has to be done. Write it down before bed. Think about how you will handle every item on the list and, then, put the list away – along with the worries it contains. You know how you’re going to handle everything so get to sleep!
  6. Pull the trigger. You’ve seen children do it. They stroke their hair or rub their cheek and they nod right off. Try it. Stroke your cheek and focus all your attention on how it feels – soft and comforting. Do it over a few nights and your body will learn to associate the motion with going to sleep and help you nod off.

Do you think one of these might work for you? Don’t forget the best sleep aid – a comfortable bed. Sleep experts are praising latex beds for their “push back” which provides ease of movement and their full body support. If what’s keeping you up is the lumps and bumps in your bed, it’s time to make an investment in a good night’s rest. Check out the savings on mattresses on the Internet!