6 Ways to Get Your Bed Ready for That Other Thing – The One that Has Nothing to Do with Sleep

Ways to Get Your Bed Ready

Romance! When you shut the bedroom door and take your partner into your arms. It’s all about the bed so get ready for some fun. Here are 6 things to do to so your bed is the perfect love next.

1. Get Great Sheets before you get between the sheets. Forget the satin. First it’s a big cliché but, worse, it’s slippery and the sheets (or you or your partner) are like to end up on the floor. Think natural – as natural as what you’re about to do. Cotton with a thread count of around 400 is the perfect answer. Nothing feels better on bare skin that wonderful cotton. If you want a little bit more pizazz, buy cotton sateen – it’s as smooth as your pickup line.

2. White Is Right when you want to set the mood. It’s why when you go to a hotel you always find white sheets. They’re inviting. They’re crisp and clean. They say slip between us and enjoy yourself. If you want some color, forget a pattern as most of them tend to be a bit to feminine. Look for a sheet with a solid-color border – but stick to a darker, not brighter, color like navy.

3. Forget The Scent unless it comes for a romantic candle. Use an unscented detergent and fabric softener. You don’t want your bed to smell like perfume – unless it’s her perfume.

4. A Foam Pillow is a great asset for more fun – especially if it’s wedge shaped. We’ll let your imagination take it from there.

5. The Mattress is worth the investment. Experts recommend latex. It has great support and that’s a plus, but it also has bounce and that’s a real plus. It gives you the freedom to move easily. It can handle all your action plus. Nothing smaller than a queen size please – the days of twin beds and threadbare sheets are over.

6. A Platform is the perfect place for that latex mattress. No squeak! Plus, it’s low to the ground and stylish. It’s built to impress.

Don’t think you can’t have it all – including that new latex mattress. Worried about the price? Shop online and you’ll have that great new mattress delivered right to your door and the online prices – very affordable. Plus, you get the advantage of reading review from real people who have used the mattress. It’s a great way to buy for great nights both when you’re asleep or if you’re wide awake!

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