8 Ways to Sleep Cooler

By Chad Taylor on May 27, 2016

When summer comes and you want a good night’s rest, you want to stay cool. Of course, you’re going to have the cooler on in your home, but you probably don’t want to crank it all the way down. Here are 8 tips to help you sleep cool.

1. Cotton Comfort. Let your bedding reflect the season. In the summer, you want to sleep on cotton. Sheets that are lightweight and light-colored are going to look and feel inviting. Cotton is breathable – great for ventilation – and soft, cool and comfortable. Forget the polyester, silk and satin. Make cotton your summertime bedding.

2. Loosen Up. It’s cotton that wins again! Forget the fancy nighties or those p.j.’s. Go loose in a cotton t-shirt for her and cotton boxers for him. You can consider sleeping in the nude, but that’s got mixed reviews. Some say without the cotton to wick away moisture, sleeping nude means sleeping sweaty.

3. Chill Out. If you want a cool start to trying to fall asleep, put some cold compresses or ice packs on the pulse points of your wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees. It’s a quick cool down that may help you drift off to sleep.

4. Sleep Alone. Yikes! You thought that was just for people whose partner snored, but when it comes to summertime, cuddling increases body heat so you end up hot and sticky. If you’ve got the extra guest room bed, you might want to sleep alone to stay cooler on the hottest nights.

5. Unplug Everything. We know that you know that getting rid of blue light helps you sleep better, but in this case we’re talking about the heat that every gadget gives off. So turn off all the lights and unplug all those glowing things. Charge your essential tablets and cell phones in another room. And, think about unplugging unused appliances throughout the house. You’ll cut the heat they give off and get the bonus of lowering your utility bill.

6. Go Spread Eagle. If you think you can only sleep curled up in a little ball, try something different. Sleep with your arms and legs spread out. It’s easier to do this if you’re following #4 above.

7. That Cold Shower. In the summer, it has a whole different purpose. Get under a tepid shower and bring down your core body temperature before bedtime.

8. Hydrate. Yes, hydrate, even before bed. Just keep it at about 8 ounces so you don’t end up with a 3 a.m. bathroom trip.

Your mattress plays a role in summer sleep. If you’re thinking of buying, check the internet and find a great deal on a latex mattress. You’ll get fantastic full-body support and latex is a natural so it can help you sleep comfortably on a breathable bed!