Better Foams Means a Better Night’s Rest

By Chad Taylor on May 16, 2017

Today’s beds are getting better all the time and that means a better night’s rest and a better morning. Man-made foams are being developed that are constantly improving mattress manufacturing. Here’s some steps in the evolution of today’s beds.

Open Cell Technology helps mattresses stay cooler. Rather than tightly packed cells, the cells in open cell technology are “popped” open so that there is still superior support but there’s more airflow. Open cell technology can provide both bounce and conforming support. Mattress makers are learning how to create layers of the material with slightly different properties. The result – enough pushback for easy movement in the bed and enough conformation to cradle and reduce aches and pains.

Added Gels can help make foam cooler. They trap the heat so it is pulled away from the mattress surface to keep the sleeper cooler throughout the night. A variety of gels can be used and they can do more than just help the sleeper stay cool. For example, TitanFlex uses a gel that contains titanium beads. Titanium is stronger than steel, but very light. It has remarkable thermal qualities. When added to a mattress gel, it not only grabs and traps heat; it makes the mattress stronger and more durable.

Foam Technology makes it possible to create beds that have different comfort levels. Some bedding manufacturers will only produce a medium firmness, but you may want a bed that is softer or firmer. Some manufacturers are making foams in different comfort levels instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. This makes it possible to have a bed that is designed for the way someone sleeps. For example, soft is good for side and back sleepers but firm is great for stomach sleepers. Customers should not be afraid of new technological advances. Mattress makers are constantly testing and refining to create a better night’s rest.

It’s amazing that scientific manufacturing is changing the way we sleep for the better. For example, the TitanFlex foam combines new technology and materials to produce a mattress that addresses all the challenges of how to get a better night’s rest. It provides bounce, conforming support, a cool surface and a choice of comfort levels with an open cell, hyper-elastic foam and an element off the periodic table – titanium. It’s a new material for a better night’s rest.