Hooray! After what might have been weeks or months of searching, you’ve finally found the perfect mattress. You might have found the right kind of bed for your sleep style, but you’re only halfway there in the pursuit of achieving your best sleep ever. Next up? It’s time to find the perfect mattress foundation. No matter the type of bed you’ve purchased, choosing the right foundation for your bed is critical because it helps to maintain the structural integrity of your bed, keeps it comfortable for longer and can even enhance pressure point comfort and spinal support. Plus, choosing the wrong type of foundation for your mattress can even lead to voiding the manufacturer warranty, so it’s important to educate yourself.

Now if you’ve settled on either a latex or memory foam mattress, you’re in luck. Finding the right foundation for your latex or memory foam mattress is as simple as following 4 simple guidelines.


Guideline #1: You don’t actually need a foundation… but you’ll probably want one.

If you’re sleeping on a latex or memory foam mattress, it’s not actually necessary to have a foundation. That said, it’s unlikely you’ll be comfortable laying just a few inches above the ground – and a platform or foundation beneath your mattress will help to keep your mattress clean, give you a bit of storage space underneath your mattress (depending on the foundation type) . Aesthetically and functionally, a foundation or platform serves an important purpose for most people.


Guideline #2: A slat foundation works great… but only if the slats are no more than 8″ apart.

Plenty of modern, low- to mid-price bed frames and foundations use slats to support the bed. These slats provide critical center support for your mattress, but still have enough flexibility to avoid the “bottoming out” or overly-firm feeling of certain foundations. The rule of thumb for latex and memory foam mattresses, however, is that the slats should be no more than 8″ apart from each other, with the recommended spacing only 3″. That’s because your all-foam mattress does not have an innerspring at its core to maintain its shape, and leaving too much space between supportive slats can create a dipping or sagging that’s detrimental to both your spinal alignment and your mattress.


Guideline #3: Placing your mattress on plywood, such as a platform bed, can work perfectly fine.

The beauty of latex and memory foam mattresses is their versatility when it comes to foundations. Plenty of modern bed frames and platforms are designed to be minimalistic and low profile, which means they often have the mattress resting on a platform that is solid enough to maintain spinal alignment, but flexible enough to withstand movement in sleep. Just make sure that the platform you’re resting your bed on is free of imperfections and damage that could cause it to split with too much movement.


Guideline #4: No matter the type of memory foam or latex mattress foundation you choose, ditch anything that sags or is unsupportive.

Even if you’re a back sleeper that prefers a much softer mattress, support is still a key element of your mattress. There’s a reason sleeping on a couch or old mattress gives you aches and pains. Spinal alignment is a key element in finding the right mattress for any sleep style, and your foundation plays a big part if you’ve purchased or plan to purchase an all-foam bed.

Best Types of Foundations for Latex or Memory Foam Mattresses

Box Spring Alternative Foundations

The look and feel of a box spring is a popular choice among those that prefer a more classic bedroom look, but traditional box springs are harder and harder to find. A great alternative is a box foundation, sometimes considered a box spring alternative, that has the look and feel of a box spring but offers convenient tri-fold design (no more tetris trying to fit a box spring into your house!). The Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation has an easy-to-assemble tri-fold design with a zip-off cover for the best of both worlds.



Steel Grid Platform Foundations
Durability and utility are sometimes at the top of the list when it comes to finding the best foam mattress foundation. If that’s where your priorities lie, steel grid foundations are a great choice. Not only do they offer unmatched durability, well-designed versions offer an easy-to-move tri-fold design and a taller format for great under-bed storage. Try the Heavy Duty High Rise Platform for a foundation that ticks all the boxes.



Adjustable Foundations
Gone are the days that adjustable foundations were reserved for hospital beds and retirement facilities. The enormous health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed have finally made the leap into the mainstream. Enhanced lumbar support, greater versatility and total customization are just some of the reasons that adjustable foundations are quickly becoming the creme de la creme of bed foundations. For a model that has the adjustable base essentials at an affordable price, check out the Electric Adjustable Base that works with latex and all-foam beds perfectly.


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