Why Sleep is so Important to Us

By Chad Taylor on January 8, 2015

We have all have heard from doctors and other health professionals how important sleep is for our health. This statement is actually based on medical reasons rather than doctors just trying to gain more money from you. When we sleep it restores our brain chemicals and rests our entire body. This allows our body downtime to fight of illnesses and to be ready to face the next day. It is crucial that we get enough sleep and listen to our body when it tells us that it is time to sleep. We have internal clocks that tell us when we should sleep.

Some of us may sleep at night but wake up frequently throughout the night. This is not a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is where you sleep uninterrupted for seven to eight hours. Your muscles are relaxed and you change positions every couple of hours to keep the blood circulating. A good night’s sleep also causes you to go through all five sleep stages several times throughout the night. If your latex mattress, or other type of mattress is old or uncomfortable it may cause you to wake up and not sleep as well as you could have. This will cause you to not get as good of a night’s sleep.

There are several symptoms that will present themselves if you do not get enough sleep. The first thing you will notice is that you are tired and irritable. You did not get enough sleep so you are not exactly in the best of moods. You may feel wired or fatigued. You could also feel like you have trouble concentrating and have a short attention span. You are more likely to make mistakes in everyday tasks. All of these are symptoms of not get enough sleep every night. These symptoms can potentially worsen if you do not start to get enough sleep every night.

There are many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep besides restoring brain chemicals and feeling rested the next day. One benefit is that your metabolism can be increased which will help you watch your weight and stay in shape. You will also be in a better mood and will be able to concentrate better. You will also look healthier when you get a good night’s sleep regularly. You will not have bags underneath your eyes and you skin will appear healthier. The last big benefit of getting a good night’s sleep is that you will potentially live longer. Getting a good seven to eight hours of sleep every night will increase your lifespan potentially.

There are numerous reasons why you should get a deep and restful sleep every night. If you find yourself not getting enough sleep, if may be because your latex mattress is not supporting you enough while you sleep. If you believe that your mattress is causing the problems, go online to Brooklyn Bedding. They can help you with any mattress questions you may have. So check them out today.