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What discount do you offer to teachers or students?

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 25% discount to all eligible teachers and students—applicable to all purchases, both online and in-store.

How is my discount applied?

Shop or any of our Brooklyn Bedding stores, select your products, then verify your eligibility during the shopping process using the appropriate Teacher or Student widget on the checkout page.

How do I verify my status to receive my discount?

Load all of your product selections to your shopping cart, then simply click the appropriate Teacher or Student ID button on the checkout page. Once your eligibility is confirmed, the 25% discount will automatically apply to your entire shopping cart.

Who is eligible?

Brooklyn Bedding has partnered with, an advanced digital identity company that provides an online credential to active teachers and students to access exclusive offers and benefits. defines “teachers” as state-licensed teachers or professors employed by a public or private primary or secondary school, local education authority, or a public or private university or college. For more details, click here. defines an eligible “student” as an individual actively enrolled in an accredited, government-recognized public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) based in the United States that grants degrees or certificates. For more details, click here.

Is the 25% Teacher or Student discount available in stores as well as online?

Yes, the 25% Teacher or Student discount is applied at checkout when shopping in our stores. You may present your credentials at the time of purchase, or work with an in-store associate to digitally verify your eligibility through

What kind of identification is required to verify my eligibility in stores?

Acceptable forms of identification for teachers include a state credential number or a state certification number.

Acceptable forms of identification for students include a current student ID card or documentation proving the student is currently enrolled in classes and qualifies for the program.

If none of the required identification is available at time of purchase, our store associates can work with teachers or students to verify eligibility at

Can I combine the Teacher or Student discount with any other offer?

The 25% Teacher and Student discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional codes and cannot be applied to gift card purchases.