Brooklyn Bedding Return Survey

At Brooklyn Bedding, we strive to give you the best sleep ever. We are so sorry to hear you don’t love your mattress. We would like to address any contributing factors first—if we are unable to create a solution, we will then be more than happy to help you process a return. Please respond to the following questions to get started.

1.) How would you rate the firmness level of your mattress?

2.) How is the overall temperature of the mattress while sleeping?

4.) Do you use a mattress protector or mattress pad on your mattress?

6.) Please share your approximate weight.

7.) What is your primary sleep position?

8.) Did you speak with one of our sleep specialists before placing the order?

9.) Have you ordered any other online mattresses in the past?

10.) Did you already order a replacement mattress?

Information (Required):

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. A member of our team will reach out to discuss a resolution. If it becomes necessary to donate your current mattress, we will be happy to make arrangements and refund your account thereafter.

Best Regards