Decades of Expertise

Brooklyn Bedding has been making mattresses since 1995, nearly 20 years longer than most internet mattress retailers. This begs the question: is a 10-year warranty even valid from a company that has been in business less than 5 years? Our longevity has been key to our continued success as not only a top retailer but one of the top manufacturers of private label mattresses nationwide.

American Made Products

The majority of mattresses sold on the Internet today are made in China. While bed-in-a-box technology originated there, Brooklyn Bedding made a decision early on to own production at our U.S.-based factory. Owner John Merwin invested in a $135,000 machine in 2008, imported from Italy, to ensure his products and processes remained American made. He continues to test the limits of manufacturing capabilities, investing in the latest technology. We are proud to be those equipment nerds, excited about a newly acquired pocketed coil machine that ensures one of the most critical components to a bed’s foundation and responsiveness adheres to the brand’s strictest standards.

Affordable Luxury

The fact that Brooklyn Bedding owns every aspect of the production and delivery process cannot be overstated when it comes to offering shoppers a fair price on innovation and quality. By cutting out the middlemen in sourcing, then shipping directly to the customer, Brooklyn Bedding can lower the cost of every mattress we produce, including bedding that offers the most advanced technology. Shop comparable sleep products elsewhere and you will find mattresses sold at double the price of Brooklyn Bedding. Meanwhile, the durability of a Brooklyn Bedding mattress adds significantly to its lifetime value.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Brooklyn Bedding offers a generous trial period – 120 nights risk free. We also offer free shipping and free returns for every size mattress at every price point. Our extended warranties guarantee the longevity of every sleep product we sell:

Mattress Warranty – 120-night trial and 10-year warranty
Pillow Warranty – 30-night trial and 3-year warranty
Sheets Warranty – 30-night trial and 3-year warranty

How happy are our customers? We’ll let our online reviews do the rest of the talking.

Manufacturing Ownership

Many internet mattress retailers tout their elimination of the middleman. But if they aren’t manufacturing their own bedding aren’t they the definition of a middleman? Brooklyn Bedding owns the manufacturing end to end, designing then making our mattresses on demand in our state-of-the-art 145,000-square-foot factory in Phoenix, Arizona, and selling them direct to customers. This autonomy allows for instantaneous design adjustments, based on real customer feedback, and greater control over quality construction, materials and cost.

Quality Craftsmanship

Brooklyn Bedding was founded by two brothers who began the business by deconstructing mattresses and visiting top of the line manufacturing facilities to learn best practices. Known in the industry as The Mattress Whisperer, John Merwin and his brother Rob built the business both organically and locally. Extra care is taken in the production process, from meticulously trimming and surging raw fabrics to using more durable fabrics and Kevlar thread with safety stitches to ensure a mattress that lasts. We utilize water-based adhesives that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Our high-end zipper covers are made in-house as opposed to using inexpensive materials sourced from overseas. We believe these details matter when it comes to crafting a quality sleep product.

Perfect Fit

Numerous mattress companies have created marketing hype around their one-size-fits-all mattress. In our decades of experience selling at both brick and mortar retail and online—and being one of the early adopters of bed-in-a-box technology—we can tell you that no one mattress can be a perfect fit for everyone. As actual mattress manufacturers, we construct our beds in thoughtfully engineered layers, with every layer serving either a comfort, support or cooling purpose that meets a specific consumer need. Bottom line: Brooklyn Bedding takes the sleep experience personally.

Brooklyn Bedding

Industry Reviews

"Owning their own factory gives Brooklyn Bedding extraordinary control over their materials, cost, and assembly specifications."

"[Brooklyn Bedding offers] high-quality product sold at extremely competitive prices. Their direct-to-consumer business is reflected in the brand's ability to pass savings along to their customers."

"There’s no doubt with Brooklyn Bedding that the designers and manufacturers are mattress experts and knew very well how to make a quality product."