Sleeping Better With The #BestMattressEver

Having a Proper Foundation

Buying the #BestMattressEver is the first, but not the last step to getting better sleep. What is underneath the mattress is equally important. So what is your mattress being supported by? If you answered box springs, you are using the wrong foundation and it’s time to replace it. By having an improper foundation, you risk losing the great comfort benefits of a latex mattress and in the long term, ruining the mattress and voiding the warranty. We highly recommended that the #BestMattressEver rests on a solid metal or wood foundation, this includes platforms, slatted box, or a slatted frame with slats no more than 3 inches apart. If you have a question whether a foundation is approved, let us know via email, chat or by phone. Again, we do recommend that you stay away from box springs, they are intended for inner spring mattresses only. If your old mattress had body impressions, it is very likely that the support is worn out and needs to be replaced anyway. If you do need a new foundation, Brooklyn Bedding offers a durable and long lasting steel-grid foundation, perfect for most bedroom sets and as a standalone frame.

You’ve got 30 nights, take your time

Giving ample time for body to fully adjust to a new mattress is equally important. We do suggest you try your mattress for a minimum of 30 nights. When you first open your mattress, it’s going to feel slightly firmer than normal. It can take some times for it to soften up, so rest easy – you’ve got 120 days to test it out. The reason we offer the 120-day night sleep trial is it’s impossible to tell if a mattress if right for you early on. It is impossible to evaluate anything from just a few days use which is why we offer such a reasonable 120-day comfort trial period. We want our customers to be able to get a full almost 4-month trial with the bed to be sure our mattress is their #BestMattressEver.

Heat vs. Breathability. As you all probably know one of the drawbacks to some mattress is the fact that they have a tendency to absorb heat without release. This is one of the more appealing things about latex foam. The fact that it is an open cell structured material means that airflow can pass through the mattress so that heat does not become trapped in the mattress with no place to go. I would consider other culprits if heat is ever an issue with our mattress. One of the reasons we offer out Bamboo Sheets is for the simple fact they allow airflow as well as the latex in our mattress. This would help to greatly reduce any heat you might be feeling. Keep in mind that this can also be somewhat subjective to an individual simply because some individuals’ run warmer than others. We would like any opportunity to help and by looking to other alternatives like sheets, pads, protectors it allows us to do that.

Protectors & Pads. Although mattress protectors are highly recommended for any mattress, it is well known that they can affect the overall comfort of the mattress sometimes making the mattress feel restricted or more firm. This can also affect how cool/warm the mattress may feel so if you are having a hard time adjusting you may want to remove the pad/protector to see if that helps.